Dentistry For Toddlers In<br>Arlington and Hurst

When children hit the “terrible twos,” and beyond, prioritizing their oral health needs can start feeling like a challenge. They want to run around and play, not sit still in the dentist’s office! Thankfully, our pediatric dentists are experts at helping young patients transition from infant to toddler oral health care smoothly and comfortably. Please contact us today if you’re ready to schedule the first appointment for your toddler, here at Park Place Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, or if you have any questions.

Primary Dental Health Goals

As all of the primary teeth make an appearance in their smile, guarding against tooth decay will become more important than ever for your child. Our team will also keep a lookout for potential developmental concerns and recommend intervention when needed to help your little one avoid more extensive treatment down the road.

Important At-Home Dental Care

Once children are capable of holding a toothbrush, parents should start encouraging them to brush while they continue to help. As a general rule, any teeth that touch together without space should be flossed daily. It’s also important to encourage children to spit out the toothpaste instead of swallowing it, as this can cause tooth enamel defects over time. If they’re struggling with this, use only a pea-sized dab of toothpaste (a smear of toothpaste on the front third of the bristles) during every brushing session.

What to Expect at Each Dental Visit

At this stage, you can expect our team to start easing your child into gentle check-ups and cleanings while making sure to prioritize their comfort every step of the way. We’ll inspect their baby teeth and gums for any signs of trouble that need our attention and carefully remove any plaque that’s found its way onto the enamel. We’ll start giving them their first lessons about brushing and flossing!

In-Practice Pediatric Dentistry for Toddlers

At Park Place Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, we’ll personalize our available services to match your toddler’s changing needs, providing quality preventive care, restorative treatment, and emergency intervention as needed. We want to give their happy smile all the support it needs! To learn more about these options, keep reading:

At this point in a child’s life, parents should be scheduling check-ups and cleanings every six months on average. During these important visits, we will want to inspect every aspect of your toddler’s oral health, including each tooth surface, the gum tissue, their overall bite, their jaw, any existing restorations that are in place, and more. Once we have all the information we need, we can sit down with you (the parent) in order to plan out any necessary treatment. Professional cleanings are also essential because they get rid of accumulations of dental plaque, which is a bacteria-filled substance that can cause cavities. By cleaning it away, we’re able to protect growing smiles from tooth decay and help them feel refreshed as well!