Dentistry For Infants <br>In Arlington and Hurst

Here, at Park Place, we follow the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) that state that children should have their first dental checkup no more than 6 months after their first baby tooth emerges or by their first birthday. Our specialists like to see kids as soon as possible so we can get them used to our practice and our team to foster a positive relationship with oral health care from a very young age! To schedule a first visit, please contact our team today.

Primary Dental Health Goals

When welcoming an infant to our dental office, our top priority is helping them establish a dental home where they can feel comfortable and at ease. Far too many patients grow up with a fear of the dentist that’s engrained from a young age, resulting in missed dental appointments and serious oral health problems down the road that could have been caught earlier. We hope to prevent this by forming a trusting and safe relationship with your loved one right away so that they know that regular dental care is nothing to worry about.

Important At-Home Dental Care

Many caregivers assume that there’s no need for oral hygiene at home until a child actually has teethbut this is far from true! We recommend that an infant’s mouth and gums be cleaned with a soft washcloth after every feeding. Once teeth start to make an appearance, a toothbrush (designed for babies) should be used to gently clean them twice each day. During infancy, it’s especially important to remember that children should not be sent to sleep with a bottle, as this can leave their developing smile exposed to bacterial acids for hours at a time.

What to Expect at Your Child’s First Dental Visit

During these early visits to the dentist, our team will focus first and foremost on helping your child feel at home with us. We’ll introduce them to the sights and sounds of our dental office, as well as all the friendly faces they’ll see here on a regular basis. as a pediatric dentist, Dr. Stephanie Ferguson will provide educational information and recommendations for preventive care in hopes that her little patients will be cavity-free for years to come. She will also perform a knee to knee exam to make sure your little one is right on track for their oral health milestones. Once everything checks out, he will brush their teeth and apply a fluoride application as well. For the convenience and comfort of our littlest patients, this will all be performed in our designated “baby room,” which is designed with our smallest children in mind. Before the conclusion of your child’s visit, we will answer any questions you may have about oral hygiene and tooth decay!

In-Practice Pediatric Dentistry for Infants

We offer several services, that are perfect for tiny infant smiles! Our dentists will support your child’s growing teeth and gums with quality care that guides them on the right path towards lifelong oral health. To learn more about these important services, keep reading below:

We want to protect your infant from as many future dental problems as we possibly can, which is why we’ll assess their personal risk for developing tooth decay right away. Dr. Stephanie Ferguson, our pediatric dentist, will provide parents with guidance on how to care for their infant’s developing oral health, giving detailed instructions on teething, fluoride exposure, non-nutritive habits, and dental practices that can be put into place at home.